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"One dashboard that quickly, easily and directly analyzes and optimizes the Customer Experience at every touchpoint - practically at the touch of a button"

About touch361

touch361, based in Munich, was founded by Achim Kussmaul and Hakan Han. In touch361 is the cross-industry and cross-disciplinary experience of several entrepreneurs, developers & scientists from over 1,500 projects. Offline as well as online, innovation driven.

Our organization is specialized in market and media research on Customer Experience (CX) based impact measurements of all touchpoints, customer groups, employees and use cases in the company.

The touch361 CX software solution is customizable, methodologically flexible and unique in its impact measurement and business intelligence. It is at the heart of the company and is used in relevant industries such as aviation & tourism, lifestyle & cosmetics, consumer goods industry (FMCG), retail, education, finance (banking & insurance), healthcare, TV media, automotive as well as digital and consulting agencies.

Every software is only as strong as the team behind it!

touch361 CX Solution

touch361 is a CX software solution in market and media research for measuring the impact of all offline and online touchpoints, marketing channels, customer experiences and brand value factors along the Customer Journey.

From established market and competitive analyses to methodologically complex AI approaches, touch361 CX solution has analyzed & evaluated more than 10 million Customer Journeys on user-level so far.


Force data-driven decisions with self-generated primary data for successful long-term Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Big Picture

Customer experience-based multi-channel analysis and impact measurement of all customer groups, employees and stakeholders within the company


Analyze and understand target audience segments by demographics, customer groups & lifestyles.
(Data Driven Segmentation)

Customer Journey

touch361 CX software solution calculates uniform metrics for millions of touchpoint combinations of all customer groups and measures their impact

touch361 Decision Maker Dashboard

What makes us different?

The touch361 CX solution is individually tailored to the customer case. Pure attribution models only inaccurately cover the digital Customer Journey and User Experience. Pure surveys in market research, on the other hand, do not have the intelligence of our solution.

One solution for all customer-oriented companies

The touch361 CX solution algorithmically delivers valuable insights in Customer Experience Management and valid foundations for all customer-oriented companies. For corporations as well as for medium-sized businesses - regardless of the use case and whether B2B, B2C or B2B2C.


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touch361 Data


User-level based data collection of all brand and product value factors, touchpoints & loyalty drivers.


Consumer Insights - High segmentation insight in data by customer groups, demographics & lifestyles.


Effective revenue growth through data-driven discovery of new sales channels, touchpoints & customer groups


Independent and unbiased primary data collection guarantees data quality and sovereignty


touch361 CX data can be integrated usecase-specific on request and can be exported at any time


The touch361 data are DSGVO compliant and future proof, they are not exposed to any regimentation

touch361 Software Modules


Qualitative and quantitative research of selected touchpoints according to customer experience and behavior, loyalty drivers & satisfaction.


User level measurement of the customer journey and algorithmic calculation of the target group-segmented impact of all possible touchpoint combinations in the marketing/media mix


Analysis of all factors influencing the brand value compared to the competition


Analysis of all (technical) factors influencing the product benefit


Systematic, continuous trend analysis and evaluation of future trends and changes in customer/consumer behavior

Campaign Measurement
What might a Customer Journey analysis look like?


In an initial meeting we clarify all the key data necessary for the analysis.
For this purpose, we have standardised questionnaires (by sector) that take about 60 minutes.


After the initial consultation, you send us the entire (standardised) list of offline & online touchpoints to be analysed as part of your campaign.
We cover all classic channels from radio, print, out of home, events, sponsoring, PoS consulting to TV.
We cover an even broader spectrum in the digital landscape: including all relevant social media channels, visibility and usage via search engines such as Google, online banner advertising (display) or forums/communities.

Dashboard access

In real time, the touch361 CX software imports all data into the dashboard, so you have full control over your advertising activities.
Our experienced account managers will guide you through the data interpretation of your results.

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